Can Obama go to hell? Do not pass go, do not collect $200?

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I’m watching Obama on Jay Leno. He’s saying don’t go to dangerous countries and locations.

But I sit here and think that if they had just dumped ten former Rangers at Benghazi, no matter how boring the duty, it would have been a total different outcome.

And now he is saying that stopping any of the follow on to the Boston Marathon bombings was by searching the records of the bombings. If the program fucking worked there wouldn’t have been the Boston Marathon Bombing!!

He is such a fucking idiot with no logic behind it.

I wish there was a hell that he will burn in. (246)

SiriusXM — are you a bunch of amateurs?

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I receive this e-mail from SiriusXM this evening.

That was after a multiple internet outages of their service today (01/09/2014). It re-occurred at 2:30 EST.

Rough timeline:
Try to login about 8:15 this morning. Takes the usual over 45 seconds.
Then it drops about 8:50.
Relogin takes the usual over 45 seconds. With an additional popup of “We are experiencing technical difficulties”
Drops again about 9:15.
I have about 15 minutes of “Could not login due to technical difficulties. Please try again.”
I finally get back in about 9:40 AM.

Then it drops about 2:30 PM again.

What the hell am I paying for?

Then the e-mail landed at 5:08 PM. I feel like it blames me for their problems. If I had a truly differnet choice, I would tell them to go to hell. (259)

Are you still trying to blame the gun?

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So we are now on the anniversary of the Newtown Shooting. A teenage man, with known mental issues and who could not really be confined to a mental institution, killed his mother Then he stole her firearms and then went to a local elementary school and killed multiple children in a gun free zone. Then when law enforcement showed up he killed himself.

Now a year later the headlines are proclaiming At Least 194 Children Have Been Shot to Death Since Newtown.

Now the real question is how many children died due to other causes?

If firearms are such terrible things why haven’t more people, let alone children, died by them?

I also don’t have satellite or cable TV. I watch broadcast TV, including PBS unfortunately. Here is Bill Moyers take on Newtown. Somehow the NRA is guilty because they want sensible, rational, realistic laws passed to control firearms. The problem is that the Newtown shooter was not a sensible, rational person when he committed his crime. He avoided background checks by killing his mother and theft. He totally disregarded the gun free zone laws by going to a school.Then of course his decision to murder was totally a rational choice.

And then they still want to blame the gun as the cause. Meanwhile in the same week that Newtown happened a Chinese person attacked a school using a sword. But it is the weapon’s fault? Please explain to me how that makes any sense. (338)

Make the House of Representatives responsible to the people

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A thought that crossed my mind tonight from my prior suggestion for amendments was to make House members represent no more than 150K people. And make the reps salary equal to the prior years median income.

How about a slight change:

1. No member will represent more than 150,000 citizens.

2. The representative’s salary will be the median income from his district for the prior year.

That means that a representative will have to be responsive to his electors, not any party. The parties become side notes because any district that has 20K people objecting will probably be listened to. A company trying to buy the House is going to be going after 1500+ not just the 170 they are now.

Just a thought. (295)

To Mike Turner: Obamacare

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I just found out that you are not a co-sponsor on the Stability, Security and Fairness Resolution, a plan to fund the government for Fiscal Year 2014 while fully delaying and defunding Obamacare until 2015 by Tom Graves.

Unless you help defund Obamacare and help stop the rest of the crap Obama has been pushing then it will become my personal mission to see that you are replaced with a person that will resist more imposition on our liberties.

I no longer care what Obama wants to declare or what the Senate thinks. You, as a member of the House , have the power of the purse. The Senate can pass any and all the legislation they want. Until you decide to fund anything it doesn’t go.

If the federal government shuts down because the House refuses to fund the badly named “Affordable Care Act” I will cheer you on and support you. A federal government shutdown happens every Friday night until early Monday morning. I can live with that. I can live with a federal government shutdown for weeks if needed. (336)

Facial recognition technology

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Let’s see 0 for 2677 is justification:

So far, the facial recognition program been used almost 2,677 times since June 6, according to the attorney general’s office. No one has been charged as a result of its use, and no new pictures are being collected for a database.

Is this the same 0 for 250M justification for the NSA Wiretapping? (269)

An amendment Mark Missed.

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Mark Levin wrote a book The Liberty Amendments – Restoring the American Republic.

He writes out 11 amendments that he thinks are needed. I agree with the list. But one I think he missed.

Every state will have a minimum of two representatives.

No representative in the House of Representatives shall represent more than 150,000 citizens as determined by the decennial census.

Effectively Repeal the Apportionment Act of 1911.

The effect of Gerrymandering and the two party system would be gone. Trying to get a district of 150K that are all Democrats or Republicans would be nigh on impossible.

If 20K people in a district were saying that it’s a bad idea, what is the representative to think?

If a company had to buy off thousands of representatives to get a law passed in their favor, what would be the odds?

Combined with a law expiration idea, it would shrink the fed considerably.

I don’t have the cite to the Federalist paper, as I heard it on the radio from Mike or you, but the argument was either 40K or 100K citizens per representative. Getting back to that intent that the House of Representatives actually represented the people’s opinion and the states represented the state it gets back to the basics. (319)

I give up.

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I posted the The Zimmerman case and stuff that wasn’t reported because my sister sent me an e-mail that she laughed about Zimmerman’s brother calling someone who would attack George Zimmerman a vigilante.

Then as I talked her, she was convinced that George Zimmerman, by stepping out of his truck, was an aggressor. I asked her whether she had read any of my The Zimmerman case and stuff that wasn’t reported and she said no. But without anything but the liberal media Zimmerman was in the wrong and the aggressor.

Meanwhile she refuses to acknowledge that 9/11 was a hijacking scenario used in a new way.

Then I recently saw this post on Think It’s Only Your Panties The TSA Thugs Are Searching?

Can I quit now, or do I have to wait? (262)

The Zimmerman case and stuff that wasn’t reported

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At some point in the future I plan on getting my concealed carry license. So I watched what happened with interest. And I will gladly call anybody who approved of O.J. getting off but disapproves of justice in the Zimmerman case a hypocrite at the least.

Here is a timeline, with maps, that pretty much matches what was presented during the trial. It shows that Martin had pretty much “escaped” Zimmerman’s surveillance and could have walked in the door of the place he was staying at and it would have been over.

Another thing that has been glossed over is that Martin had been suspended from school after being caught writing graffiti on a school locker and a security guard looking through his backpack for the graffiti marker and instead found women’s rings and earrings and a screwdriver, described by the staffer as a “burglary tool.”

Then there are the text messageswhere he said his mother had “kicked” him out of the house and told him to move in with his father.

I’m not going to go into the details of the tattoos Martin’s parents didn’t know about until after he had them. (Most states you have to have a parent or guardian sign off if you’re under eighteen.) The fact that he had a grill. There were supposedly a shot of him giving the bird to the camera.

None of this was allowed in as evidence at trial.

Then there is the media calling Martin a child. That aggravates me. If you are seventeen and have your parent’s consent you can join the military. An example of what was not really shown by the lamestream media can be found on Breitbart:

George Zimmerman defense attorney Mark O’Mara used physical exhibits in his closing argument to demonstrate to the jury the size disparity between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Martin was 5’11 and 158 lbs. at the time, while George Zimmerman clocked in at a clinically obese 5’7” and 204 lbs. The exhibit, which was not entered into evidence, was meant to show the jury that Zimmerman reasonably could have feared for his life once he was in a fight with Martin.

I stand around 5’11” myself. I don’t have to look up to many people. If I see some guy that is in my height range or above, they are probably an adult or damned close to it.

Then the George Zimmerman witness describes it as an ‘MMA Style’ fight with Martin on top. The coroner also said the wound track indicates the single shot had to have Martin sitting on Zimmerman.

This was never a race based shooting. It was made into one. They tried to twist the facts, and they still couldn’t railroad Zimmerman. I won’t call Zimmerman a hero, but he is nowhere the devil being portrayed.

Side comments:

The Sanford police chief was fired for not filing charges

They fired a tech official because he noted not all evidence was presented in Discovery. (309)

Response on the Urban Outfitters ban

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This is the response I received on July 17th from Mike Dewine in response to my complaint about the AG’s censorship of Urban Outfitters

Dear xxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting my office regarding Urban Outfitters “Prescription Line.”

As Attorney General, I took an oath to protect Ohio families, and fighting Ohio’s prescription drug abuse problem is a major part of that commitment.

Around the state, investigations have resulted in the permanent license revocation of more than two dozen doctors and pharmacists who improperly prescribed prescription medication, the conviction of 13 doctors, pharmacists, traffickers, and associates and the seizure of more than $1.67 million worth of prescription pills. My office, along with many other agencies in this state, has also worked to help shut down more than a dozen “pill mills” in Southeast Ohio.

People die from accidental drug overdoses in this state every day, and Urban Outfitters “Prescription Line” makes light of the problem. I don’t find the products to be funny.

Again, thank you for contacting my office. If I can ever be of assistance to you in the future, please feel free to contact me.

Very respectfully yours,

Ohio Attorney General

If someone is going to be led into prescription medication abuse by seeing a coffee mug that says “Prescription: Coffee” they deserve whatever they get. (253)